Membership policy

Our group meets in the homes of our members. Therefore, we have developed a process of adding new members to our group that is slightly involved.

Anyone wishing to join our group must get an invitation to join one of our sessions from an existing member. If you do not know any of our members, you may obtain an invitation from the group webmaster Marc.

The person who gives you the invitation will also provide directions to the session. After you have attended at least 3 sessions in this manner, a poll will be taken of the current group members. This poll must be unanimously in favor of your membership for you to be added to the membership rolls (and the email list).

Our group is fairly easygoing, and there have only been a couple of instances where a potential member was not accepted, so if you are reasonably easygoing, and practice good hygiene, getting through the process should not be a problem

Membership Benefits

  • Something to do almost every Saturday.
  • A quality group of people to do it with.
  • A reasonably high level of competition.
  • A chance to play the latest German games sometimes even before they are available to the general public.

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