ConsimWorld : The Official News, Information, and Talk Site for Historical Gaming Enthusiasts.
Boardgame Players Association : Official website of the World Boardgaming Championships.
Omni Gaming Products : Makers of fine quality, inexpensive games.
West Bank Gamers : This gaming group from New Orleans provides some wonderful information about games in general and German games in particular.
Funagain Games : This site is a great place to get games (particularly the German games) at reasonable prices.
Games Club of Maryland : This is the home of our brothers and sisters who live in Maryland, and are too far from D.C. to easily join our group. They are very well organized for a game club, especially one that meets in seventeen different locations.
Web-Grognards : Everything you ever wanted to know about Wargames, and then some.
BoardGameGeek : Reviews, links, ....
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